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Sales are contingent upon the attitude of
the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect.  

The difference between a high performing sales team and an average team is fundamental. The members of a high performing team  consistently do what they set out to do. They don’t get distracted by activities that have more appeal than what they should be doing right now. They know that what gets done today determines what needs to be done next week. Simple? …Yes.   Easy? …No.  It is a continual shift in thinking and focus that will lift the performance of every salesperson.    

As a sales person do you:

  • Get to the end of the day and think that you could have achieved more
  • Spend more time on what you like doing than what you should be doing
  • Get easily distracted  by other things going on in your life
  • Plan the day or week but fail to execute the majority of the plan
  • Have days when you are focused and motivated but others that would have been more successful had you done nothing at all
  • Not look forward to sales meeting s or month end because often what you say will happen is really what you hope will happen, but doesn’t.
  • Want to focus your efforts on enjoying what you do and getting results

As a sales manager do you:

  • Need more consistency of performance across your team
  • Want  to spend less time talking  about  performance and targets?
  • Want to do less managing and more leading •Need your team to spend more of their day on profitable activity
  • Really need to retain and continue to motivate your high achievers
  • Have continual confidence in the quality of your sales pipeline?
  • Want to focus your efforts on enjoying what you do and getting results

What we can do quickly and effectively for you, the salesperson:

  • Define with you what success looks like in your role
  • Identify the factors that are most affecting your performance or motivation
  • Focus on the shift required to get you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Support you totally in making a successful shift
  • Ensure that the shift is permanent

What we can do quickly and effectively for you, the sales manager:

  • Identify  the areas of individual shift that will most affect the overall performance of the team
  • Enable the team to originate and commit to the top 3 changes that will increase motivation and performance
  • Ensure that the required shift in activity and subsequent performance takes place
  • Reveal areas of focus to retain high performers